Nano Ag Technologies, LLC

Considering today’s low commodity prices, few farmers can afford to waste chemicals, fertilizer or even irrigation water. That’s why a growing number of producers are utilizing Nano Biocatalyst Infused products from Nano Ag Technologies to achieve superior yielding crop. Products like our AGpHRx™ are changing agriculture. AGpHRx™ is a biological-based sustainable solution designed to instantly lower pH and water hardness for long-term stability. AGpHRx™ not only blends with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and micronutrients, but it improves the solubility and effectiveness of those products through improved foliar and ground penetration. By partnering with Nano Ag Technologies our Nano Biocatalyst Infused™ products will give your operation the upper hand in achieving record yield and income in a wide variety of cropping systems.