Nano Ag Technologies LLC.™

Partnering In Enhanced Solutions

Novel Bio available chemistry creation in Adjuvant market space:

  • Nano BioCatalyst Infused™ Technology
  • Food Grade and Organic materials
  • Incapsulated microorganisms, enzymes, and bacteria depending on functionality desired
  • Development based on targeted outcomes

Activity in following segments:

  • Nutrient enhancement
  • Fungicide enhancement
  • Herbicide enhancement
  • Insecticide enhancement

Tank and Irrigation Enhancement

  • Cleaning out of residues in tank after actives have been used
  • Continuous cleaning of spray nozzles
  • Rust and particulate build up cleaning and prevention
  • Adjustment of pH with enhanced safety in handling of tank mix.

Soil Stewardship

  • Water holding and release management
  • Enhanced Soil pH management

Seed Treatment

  • Nano enhancement to enable better seed coat penetration of nutrient, plant health products
  • Nano abrasion process that improves water penetration, micronutrients and fertilizer uptake