Nano Ag Technologies LLC.™

Partnering In Enhanced Solutions

Novel Bio available chemistry creation in Adjuvant market space:

  • Nano BioCatalyst Infused™ Technology
  • Food Grade and Organic materials
  • Incapsulated microorganisms, enzymes, and bacteria depending on functionality desired
  • Development based on targeted outcomes

Activity in following segments:

  • Nutrient enhancement
  • Fungicide enhancement
  • Herbicide enhancement
  • Insecticide enhancement

StimuPro+ is the ideal way to optimize yield on every acre of your operation.

StimuPro+ is proven to greatly aid plants during the crucial transition period from the vegetative grow stage to the yield growth stage. During this transition plant health is greatly enhanced, which lead to increased yield potential. When StimuPro+ is applied with the proper use rates and correct timing for the crop, university and grower trials have consistently shown StimuPro+ treated crops to have higher yields and improved plant quality.

Soil Stewardship

  • Water holding and release management
  • Enhanced Soil pH management

Seed Treatment

  • Nano enhancement to enable better seed coat penetration of nutrient, plant health products
  • Nano abrasion process that improves water penetration, micronutrients and fertilizer uptake