Stimu Pro Plus 4c

Nano Driven Systemic Bio-Adjuvant

A Proprietary Blend of Nano Brown Sugar and StimuPro+. A Powerful Nano Driven Systemic Bio-Adjuvant.

StimuPro+ is the ideal way to optimize yield on every acre of your operation.

StimuPro+ is proven to greatly aid plants during the crucial transition period from the vegetative growth stage to the yield growth stage. During this transition plant health is greatly enhanced, which leads to increased yield potential.

When StimuPro+ is applied with the proper use rates and correct timing for the crop, university and grower trials have consistently shown StimuPro+ treated crops to have higher yields and improved plant quality.

StimuPro+ contains vital plant micronutrients essential to promote vigorous plant growth intended for application on a broad range of plants and commercial crops. StimuPro+ also contains Ligno-proteins, amino acids, organic complexing agents, and natural plant extracts. It is not phytotoxic when used as directed. Key benefits include:

  • Increase Yields
  • Increase Root Growth
  • Increase Nutrient Uptake
  • Improve Water Efficiency
  • Improve Stress Tolerance
  • Improve Crop Quality
  • Increases Chlorphyll


CROP OZ./Acre Timing and Frequency

Cotton 2 oz. Apply in seed furrow with 1-2 gals water/acre
3.2 oz. Spray at pin-head square
3.2 oz. Spray at first bloom
Corn (field, sweet, and popcorn) 2 oz. Apply in furrow at planting
6.4 oz. 5 - 8 leaf stage
Soybeans 2 oz. Apply in furrow with seed
6.4 oz. Early bloom

Rates for crops not listed call your local rep or manufacturer.

The use of this product is not meant to replace your normal fertilizer program.

Corn Grower Trial

Yield increase with 2.6 oz/ac Stimupro+.

In-furrow at planting. 18 bu/ac = 6% yield increase. (Stimupro+ yield 308 bu./ac; untreated 290 bu./ac)

Wheat Trial

Recommended application for wheat production

1st. application: 5 oz/acre at spring green or tillering (May be applied with liquid fertilizer)

2nd. application: 5 oz/acre at flag leaf (April-May) (May be applied with fungicides)

Soybean Trial

Cotton Trial