• Primary absorption is through leaf and stems and penetrates all the way to root structures of the weeds.
  • Nano Drivers drive Herbicides into the plant cellular structure less than 60 seconds.
  • Nano Excel 3.0 herbicide adjuvant is effective with most type of herbicide brand use throughout the growing season like 2,4-D, Glyphosate, Roundup, liberty, power-max, pioneer and other brands of herbicides.
  • Nano Excel 3.0 is highly effective among the herbicides registered for spring burndown weed control.
    • Corn: 2,4-D*, Aim, atrazine, Balance Flexx, Corvus, dicamba, glyphosate, Landmaster II, Lexar EZ, and Sharpen
    • Soybean: 2,4-D* (use esters only), Authority First, glyphosate, Gramoxone, Pursuit, and Sharpen.


  • Nano Excel 3.0 use rates from 2 fl-oz to 6 fl-oz per acre pre-mix with herbicides.
  • Penetrates in the weed foliage in less than 60 seconds.
  • Stops food production by eliminating enzymes that create Amino acid for plant to survive.
  • Activates pre-emergent herbicides by activating soil enzymes and root structures for maximum availability.
  • Eliminates hard to kill weeds within 1 to 7 days based on types of weed and maturity.
  • Highly effective on hard to kill weeds like giant ragweed, kochia, marestail, and waterhemp.
  • Herbicide resistant populations can spread rapidly, so cultural control is very important.
  • By combining Nano Excel 3.0 adjuvant with herbicide stops weed gene mutation and resistant weed sprouting.

Pre-Emergence Herbicides Combined With Nano Excel 3.0

Among the herbicides registered for pre-emergence weed control are:

Corn: Aatrex, Balance Flexx, Corvus, Degree Extra, Fierce, Lumax EZ, Outlook, Surestart, Tripleflex, and Zemax.

Soybeans: Authority MTZ, Boundry, Command, Dual II Magnum, Envive, Optill, Pursuit, Prowl H2O, Valor XLT, and Warrant.

Always read and follow herbicide and Nano Excel 3.0 label directions before mixing and applying.

Post-Emergence Herbicide Applications:

Combined with Nano Excel 3.0:

  • Tank Mixes: 6 fl-oz to 10 fl-oz Nano Excel 3.0 with following herbicide brands of product.
  • Timing:
    • Target applications to 3-6” tall weeds.
    • PPO Group 14 (Flexstar®, Ultra Blazer®) herbicides have been use constantly for broadleaf control combined with
      Nano Excel 3.0.
    • Minimum of 12 to15 gal of water per acre (GPA.).
  • Spray Pressure:
    • Use spray pressure that will assure optimum and even coverage while minimizing off-target movement.
  • Apply at Full Labeled Rates:
    • Improves consistency of control and faster kill.
    • Many types of herbicides are recommended for weed control.
    • Consult your agronomist or your crop consultant to choose most effective herbicide for types of weeds and crops.

Benefits of Combining Nano Excel 3.0 With Herbicides:

By Combining Nano Excel 3.0 with herbicides farmers are saving money, health and the environment by cutting down the frequency of herbicide application by lowering the rate of soil and water contaminations and runoff.

  • Cutting down the frequency of applications.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Safe for environment, our health and eco system.
  • Stops underground contaminations from spreading in our water wells and aqua first.
  • Keeps soil healthy by adding less salt and maintaining organic matter.
  • Requires less fertilizer.
  • Less soil compaction increase micronutrient uptakes.
  • Causes less stress, Increase and maintain plant health and immunity.
  • Increases yield and profit.
  • For increased results add BioFusion Rx.


As weeds grow resistant to Roundup and many commonly use herbicides, farmers are forced to spray larger quantities and more frequently of many hazardous types of herbicides and chemicals to keep these “superweeds” at bay with very little or no success. As a result, super weeds are becoming resistant to many herbicides and in the end the health of farmers and our environment are
at risk.