Liquid Potash 430x204

Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 is a potassium solution, which can be used in foliar application or applied to soil, or side-dress at planting. It can also be applied in combination with other crop production or protection products and presents a low risk of crop injury. When applied as recommended, Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 may produce equivalent or better crop response compared to higher rates of conventional potassium fertilizers. Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 is processed and formulated with macromolecular technology to help increase absorption rate greater than 3–5 times better than any conventional potassium-based products. Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 can be used in any cropping situation where potassium is needed, and its unique formula provides increased crop utilization, allowing lower total product application volume to produce and receive the greater results as other conventional potassium fertility products when applied at typical rates.


Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 is the ideal product for supplying potassium to any crops and is applied by broadcast or banded over the top of the seed zone, alongside as in a 2” by 2” spread, as a top-dressing or a side-dress application, as part of a foliar fertility program, or through fertilization.


  • Fast-acting and maximum absorbency.
  • 100% water soluble and bio-available.
  • Can be applied through irrigation systems or fertigated through sprinkler systems.
  • Can be mixed with various liquid fertilizers formulations.
  • Easy to handle and tank mix for foliar application.
  • Liquid form enhances application and accuracy.


Due to the nature of our Nano-enhanced and low-salt/salt-free formulations this product may be more effective than other similar products with equally listed components, with their traditional salt-based formulations. For more specific application rate per acre, please contact your distributor for details. Application rates may vary based on type of soil, soil condition, soil testing, climate and seed type. It is always recommended to perform a jar test to ensure compatibility.


Note: Follow directions carefully. Always consult your dealer or supplier for timing, methods and to customize application, depending on contaminations. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Avoid contact with open wounds or sores, harmful if swallowed, avoid any direct contact with the skin and eyes; may cause irritation. Keep container closed when not in use. Store out of direct sunlight. Keep from Freezing. Avoid temperatures above 120 °F, or below 40 °F.


Always follow all label directions. The manufacturer cannot control weather conditions, methods of application nor the condition of the seed/crop at time of application. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage or handling of this product when used in a manner inconsistent with label directions. Keep product away from eyes. Do not swallow or ingest this product. It is recommended that safety glasses or other protective eyewear be worn to prevent eye contact. The use of rubber, neoprene, nitrile or other protective gloves is recommended where prolonged or extensive use is expected. Remove contaminated clothing and DO NOT wear again until thoroughly cleaned. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND AWAY FROM PETS. STORE AWAY FROM FOOD AND DRINK. EYES: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and continue for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Get medical attention if irritation persists. SKIN: Flush affected areas with plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. INGESTION: If this product is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If vomiting occurs, keep head below hips to prevent aspiration (breathing) of liquid into lungs. Get medical attention immediately.



Soluble Potash (K2O) 15.00%


Apply Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 at the rate of 2–4 quarts per acre approximately 3–4 weeks before harvest. Repeat 2–4 quarts per acre at approximately 7–10 days before harvest.

Row Crops: Apply ½ gal to 2 gal per acre depending on type of crop and soil conditions. Soil test is recommended before determining proper dosage requirement for specific crop and soil conditions. Follow directions carefully. Consult your dealer or supplier for timing and methods of applications, weather and crop conditions.


  • Fast absorbing liquid form to increase K uptake
  • Helps correct potassium deficiencies that reduced yield potential.
  • Helps enhance micronutrient response.
  • Increases energy for plant and growth.
  • Potassium helps with fruit formation and maturity.

Liquid Potash Concentrate 0-0-15 can provide potassium fertility depending on soil conditions, type of application, and rate. If applied with other crop production or protection products, please consult a representative or your dealer for the best application method to achieve optimal results for your specific crop and soil conditions.