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Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, combine it with water and light, and make carbohydrates; this process is known as photosynthesis. During daylight hours, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, and at night, only about half that carbon is then released through respiration.

DeCARBONATE – Nano Carbon Reducer increases the absorption rate of atmospheric CO2 that simulates photosynthesis; this process known as CO2 fertilization effects by utilizing CO2 at maximum levels. This process improves plant immunity; better food production and utilization improve crop production quality and yield.

CO2 moves around plant’s leaf cells cavity to drive the sensitivity of photosynthesis to increasing amounts of CO2, which go through an extra series of membranes to get into the chloroplasts. This inert mechanism helps plant use and process sugar and other micronutrients at optimum levels.

In general, the plants absorb more carbon dioxide than they release thus effectively slowing down the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere making it Eco-friendly.


  • Metabolize Nutrients in the plant
  • Increase root growth
  • Increase greening
  • Improve photosynthesis
  • Decrease Fungus
  • Decrease Mold
  • Decrease Mildew
  • Improve plant in colder weather
  • Plant CO2 and oxygen – the plant will release oxygen and take in more CO2 from the air
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Can label organic
  • Chemical, insecticide and fungicide compatible
  • Jar test recommended


32 OUNCES PER ACRE WITH 10-15 GALLONS OF WATER NanoBioCatalyst and Nano Carbon based organic solution